Black in Full Force

Greetings Fashionites and Happy Friday,

I know I am ready for the weekend. Whew, I've had a busy week at work and campaigning for Obama/Biden '08. Yes we can! Anyhew, I've noticed one theme this week in celebrity fashion that's been pretty is back. My oh my! And I just did a post on the sleek and slimming look of an all black ensemble.

Left: Kent Masters King at the Wet Cement Clothing
event in LA Her dress is too cute!

Right: Madonna at the screening of her film Fifth
and Wisdom. She's notorious for wearing black
on the red carpet.

Left: Meagan Good at Ashanti's b-day party.
She really loves those YSL Tribute pumps.
*Wait a minute! Meagan's outfit reminds me
of Olivia Newton John in Grease.
Right: Star Jones attends Key to the Cure event.
I love her shift dress with the embellished neckline.

Left: Toni Braxton at the Spirit of Life Award Dinner
in Cali. It should be a crime to have the body of a
20 yo while you're in your 40s. I don't have that
body in I'm in my 20s. Great, now I'm depressed.
Right: Beyonce at MTV TRL. I'm not really loving her in this
Etro ensemble. I believe it's a little too out of the box for her.

Left:Chrisette Michelle attended the 3rd annual
Hennessey Artistry Finale in NY. I think a little
more bling would have done wonders to her fit.
Right: Chudney Ross at a Wet Cement Clothing
event in LA

Left: Demi Moore at the Glamour Reel Moments
premieres in L.A. She's another 40's the new 20 lady.
Right: LaLa posing with Tyrese at the movie
premiere of Max Payne. I absolutely love that blouse!

Left: Thandie Newton at the NY premiere of W.
I'm not really loving the dress but she does
look great.
Right: Victoria Beckham in Madrid. Check out the 6-in
heels on that chick. She stays fly!