5 Things I Crave Right Now

Greetings Divas,

As I assess my wardrobe as I do after each season, I always look to bring in about 5 new items for the next season. Of course this is my intent and the majority of the time I end up purchasing almost a new wardrobe every season. Not because I'm in need, but because I have a slight shopping habit........just slightly.

I've surveyed the new arrivals on websites as well as in store and I've found 5 items that I want like right now. Tomorrow, if you ask me this again I'm sure I'll have five totally different items that I crave. I'm a mess, simply put. Check out my real time list below.
Ezra by Michael Antonio Gladiator Booties
These booties are really odd looking but here's a piece of advice: sometimes "ugly on the rack" looks great when you put it on. Besides, I don't want the typical bootie that everyone will be wearing.
Sophie Wrap $15.80 www.forever21.com
I like the look of this open-front wrap and it's a timeless piece that I can be assured will be relevant for several seasons.
Silence & Noise Zipper Pocket Jacket
Obviously, from my previous post on moto jackets you had to know this would be in my list. I should just bite the bullet and get it now.
Mogil Exclusive Patent Clutch
I've always wanted a clutch that looks like an envelope and this grey color is unique and will look great with my boots I just purchased.

Rich & Skinny High Jean

$148.00 www.shopbop.com

I love the wash of these jeans and the high waist. I'm soooooo tired of "low riders".



Anonymous said…
Great finds! I really love the blog, adding you to my page :D