Reader Request

Greetings and Happy Friday,

Had a reader by the name of Shana request the following, which I will summarize, from Fashion Pad a couple of days ago:

"My ten year reunion is coming up in two weeks and the first event is the homecoming football game that Friday night so I need something casual, comfortable, and chic. Saturday night is held at a lounge downtown Charlotte and after that I plan to attend some parties due to a college football game occurring the same weekend. So, after leaving the reunion at the lounge I want to boogie at some after parties. FYI, I'm plus size so if you can give me some ideas I'd appreciate it. My main concern is the game cause I want it to say grown and sexy but hip and the same for the outfit on Saturday. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Well Shana, you are looking to have a busy, fun-filled, and stylish weekend for your class reunion and I am so honored to provide you with the direction you need. Let's get started.

Below, I've created 3 entirely different looks. Hopefully one of them is close to your personal style. Check 'em out!

When we attend sporting events, it's usually traditional to wear the sporting team's color, t-shirts, tennis shoes, etc. However, in the world of a fashion diva, traditional is a word we shy away from every chance we get. Take the ensemble on the far left, I would literally wear this out to have dinner with friends, my significant other, or............ to a football game! I'm cute, relaxed, and have my grown woman on! Plus, purple is the color for Fall. The ensemble in the middle is young and on trend as well, with the scarf and sandals providing the pop of color and unique style. The last outfit on the right is really a mirror of the first one but it's a little more "attention seeking" with the top's colorful pattern, asymmetrical cut, and trendy gladiators. Taking into consideration a plus size woman, the silhouette of the items selected are very flattering to a curvy figure. Once again, casual, chic, and comfortable is key.

Now let's get to the party clothes!!!

I checked the weather report for Charlotte and the forecast is clear skies with highs in the upper 70s and lows in the upper 50s. Ummm, I don't know about you, but that means I can wear whatever I want. Yippie! Wrap dresses flatter plus size women extremely well that's why I chose the two dresses on the far left, not to mention they're sexy. LOL! Also, I would advise you to choose a dress for your grown and sexy look, because they instantly take the style quotient up several notches. Add a belt if possible to emphasize the smallest portion of your body.....the waist. The three dresses on the right are fun, flirty, sexy, and hide the most common problem areas on women......hips, abs, and thighs. Remember, grown women don't over accessorize, so take it easy with the jewelry and huge handbags.

Shana, I hope this helps to lead you in the right direction!



Anonymous said…
I LOVE all the outfits.