Reader Request

Greetings fashionistas,

Had a reader request for Jameela who happens to be pregnant. The following was requested for moi:
"So my cousin is having a hard time trying to find something cute to wear for her FALL baby shower. She is 7 months and ALL belly! The shower is in a couple of weeks and it is going to be in NYC, where the weather may be a little cooler than in the South. Her baby shower theme, is a "star is born" and her family is going out of the way to have a red carpet and everything. Keep in mind New York baby showers are not like a typical baby shower. They tend to last all day and turn into a party! SO...what would you wear if you wear expecting???"
Cool beans. First of all, congrats to Jameela! Don't we all just wish when we become pregnant or if you already have been, that we were just all belly? Dang! I usually get the short end of the stick. Oh well, let's focus on Jameela. I have a couple of ideas to allow you, and the little one that's waiting on their debut, a chance to shine. Check out below for some ideas that will hopefully get you inspired and ready for your red carpet appearance.

These two dresses above may appear simple and red carpet unworthy, but this is where your accessories can pack a major punch. For the dress on the left, accessorize with large eye-catching earrings and high-heeled pumps. For the black dress on the right, accessorize with a statement necklace and try a cuff instead of bangles. I'd say high-heeled pumps would work well with this dress as well but if your feet are swollen, try jeweled gladiators instead.

Left: American Star Sweater Dress

Right: Classic Black Maternity Dress

I chose to match the cleavage-baring blouse from the outfit on the left with the curve hugging (or enhancing) ruched skirt on the right because it's sexy and totally unexpected. Let 'em know you still got it! Pumps, either open or closed-toe would be my choice of shoe. Also, get a jeweled clutch to take the wow factor up a notch.

Portrait Top and Midi Ruched Skirt

I didn't know they sold 2 PC sets any more but hip hip hooray, we found a site that still offers this once golden option. If you're all belly, I'm sure your legs would look great in leggings with this banded top. I prefer the strappy heels to the right because an ankle strap can make your legs look stumpy with certain outfits.
Left: Drop Waist Leggings 2 PC Set

Right: Promise Lucie Heels

Due to the Fall weather in NY I would recommend a shawl/scarf to wrap around your shoulders with the above two dresses. I think complementing the empire waist dress with a pair of knee length boots would give it an edgy look. The front key-hole dress would look great with a pair of strappy sandals. Once again, accessorize with large, chandelier type earrings and a jeweled clutch.
Left: Velvet Bubble Dress

Right: Copa Mix-it Dress
$109.00 Bella Blue Maternity
Scarf: Luxurious Scarf

Left: Angie $99.99

Right: Jasley $39.99

Hope this helps!