Milan Fashion Week - Reviews

Greetings Divas,

Of course we all know that New York is not the world's only fashion hub. As a matter of fact, Milan, Italy is considered by some as the fashion mecca. They have showrooms on display for the designers and their runway shows are huge, much larger than the catwalks in Bryant Park.

We're going to review some of Fashion Pad's favorite Spring '09 runway looks from some of the larger fashion houses below. Enjoy!


Intricate jeweled details and slim silhouettes ruled this runway. The white dress looks as if the model is floating down the runway. Loves it!

Bottega Venetta

I saw a lot of Fall colors with this line but the cuts of his designs were in line with Spring/Summer wear. I absolutely loved the handbags.

Emporio Armani

This Armani line reflected the extremely popular menswear trend. The pants were loose and appeared cool and comfy. The blazers/jackets were structured beautifully. Gorgeous beaded bodice work adorned several of the looks as well.


I wasn't very thrilled with Prada's line and those god-awful shoes had at least 2 girls crashing on the runway and one stumbling down. But what does Prada care, it's not like I contribute financially to their empire anyways. However, the 3 looks above are my favorites, especially the black short ensemble and the metallic 2 piece design.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Just divine. I loved the elegant and carefree fabrics used in this collection. The blazer above is super hot!


Blue was a dominant color used in Gucci's designs and since blue is my favorite color.....hooray for Gucci! Menswear is definitely going to stay on trend for Spring as well.
Stay tuned for more coverage tomorrow!