Milan Fashion Week Reviews - Part II

Greetings and Happy Friday,

It's part II of the Milan Fashion Week reviews and I'm so excited for Spring '09, which is so weird because Fall hasn't even officially gotten under way. Fashion is always an eager anticipation field and I don't believe that's ever going to change. Now let's take a look at some of these fabulous lines for Spring '09.
Roberto Cavalli
Cavalli's designs were a little flashy and almost always involved some major printing pattern. But overall, I loved his designs. They really were not over the top.
Lovely prints and use of colors in this collection. I really didn't notice any consistent use of silhouettes as well.
La Perla
I loved the relaxed tailored fit of the pants and the banded bodice of the gowns. The beaded detail on the shirt above is beautiful.
Obviously I really adored the pantsuits and I want one like ASAP! The dress is really interesting with the huge side bow.
Alessandro Dell'Acqua
I really loved this line. Sophisticated woman is what I thought of as I watched the runway looks.
Well, that's it for Milan, or at least what I'll be covering. See you all later.