Gucci Hysteria!!!!!!!!!

Greetings Fabonistas,

Oh why oh WHY won't some kind soul see the desperation and longing in my eyes and take pity on me. All he/she would have to do to alleviate this sad and pitiful look is..............purchase one tiny little purse from the Gucci Fall '08 handbag line. Pleeeeaaaassseeee!!!!!!

Yeah, whatever, it could happen. I absolutely love these handbags. They are fierce, the shapes are hot, and I love the funky designs. Oh, take a look below and see for yourself. But I'm warning you, you had better be careful as I went into immediate salivation mode when I glanced at them for the first time. LOL!!!

Gucci Babouska Large Hobo $2295.00

This is my absolute favorite from the Fall line. It's edgy boho look is to die for!

Babouska Medium Tote
I need this for a good every day bag. Okay, maybe need is a strong word, but I definitely would like to have it.
Gucci Crystal Lizard Clutch
H-O-T!!! This bag would look great with my evening wear.
Gucci Hysteria Small Top Handle Bag
This purple beauty should be second to add in my closet after the Babouska large hobo above.
Gucci Hysteria Large Tote
This purse reminds me of gooey oil. It's so feakin' shiny. LOL!
Remember people, sad puppy eyes over here.


Anonymous said…
I love the clutch. It's simple but makes you do a double take.