Five Things I Crave Right Now

Hey Fashionistas,
After covering the Fall trends and peeping celebrity and street styles for Fall as well, I'm craving a little shopping trip. Don't know how I'm going to pull it off since I'm trying not to shop until I reach my fitness *gulp* ......November but er uh......I have to try to charm the pants off of somebody.

I mean, this post could have easily been the 20 things I crave right now, but I chopped down the list fairly well. Wouldn't you agree? Fashion and personal style is where I sort of lose my common sense and budgetary restraints. I'm constantly working on these weaknesses. The first thing I'm doing to curb these weaknesses is to combine my cravings with my needs. Sounds overly simple right? Wrong! Especially when you're spoiled like me. Well actually I spoil myself but what's the difference. Combining the two will, for me, validate my purchases and at the same time, make me aware of my tendency to splurge. Surprisingly, it's sort of working. Anyhew, let's get to my cravings!

Floral Paint Print Frill Skirt Dress

I absolutely love this dress. The shape is fashion forward and the print is right on trend.
Liz Claiborne Cutout Necklace
I think this cutout will work best against bare skin or a plain top or dress as opposed to laying it on top of a print. The cutouts will be lost.

Elisa Plaid Shirt


I like this black and purple combo. I have some black skinny jeans that this will look great with.

Shayne Peep-toe Bootie


These are sooooo interesting! I have to go try them on.

The Super Bad Jacket


I want this jacket like yesterday.