Switch from Season to Season in these Versatile Items


We're almost at the end of our Summer season (boooo!) and I believe it's important to choose items that will work now and later. If you're someone like me who shops throughout the season as opposed to buying items at the beginning or end to last through the entire season, your focus should consist of the following; articles you can wear only in that particular season and articles you can use in the next season. I'm telling you, it's so cost-effective! Not to mention, you won't make a lot of unnecessary purchases if you adopt this particular mind set. Take a look at the following examples that will help demonstrate exactly what I mean.

Silence & Noise Knit Banded Skirt

$48.00 http://www.urbanoutfitters.com/

Transition this skirt from summer to fall by adding a pair of black tights underneath and either a pair of round-toe pumps or Fall's essential ankle boot.

Retro Round Toe Patent Pumps
Pair these yellow pumps with smoky gray cigarette jeans with a hint of black and complement with a black dolman or fitted button-down shirt.
Checkered Spaghetti Dress $7.99
Throw on a navy blazer and slip on pair of dark blue skinny jeans to bring this summer look into fall.
rory beca slip dress $82.80
Just add a long cardigan to the dress and belt it with a wide leather belt. Instantly fab!

Juicy Couture Choose Juicy Wool Gauze Scarf
It should be quite obvious so I'm not going to elaborate on this summer fave.