Reader Request

Greetings and Happy Friday!

I have a little request from Fashion Pad reader Janelle, she writes,

"Hey Fashion Pad, I was just wondering if you can help me out with an outdoor event I'm attending this weekend. It's a party thrown by one of my friends that will also showcase some of her art pieces. It's going to be on the patio at a really nice hotel in my downtown area. My friend wants everyone in golds, brown, or creams. Seems weird but she's an artist and she wants her artwork, which is colorful, to "pop". Please help, I usually don't attend art shows nor do I wear much brown. Thanks in advance!"

Wow! That's pretty cool! And it's certainly not weird to me Janelle. Art shows spark fabulous conversations and I'm really digging the concept your friend is creating. Fashion Pad is to the rescue! See below for two inspiring looks.

I chose the ruffled blouse because it is certainly elegant enough for an art show and the tailored shorts and jeweled sandals bring a relaxing feel to an outdoor event. To ensure that the look is not monochromatic, I've chosen items that vary in shades of gold and brown. This adds depth and interest to the ensemble and ups the style quotient. The sunglasses are not really needed but I thought they were cute. Sorry!


I like that this look appears comfortable yet chic and the golds play well with brown. I decided to add a touch of color here with the purple (which is the color for fall). It's not too far from the color palette but factors in as an interesting element. Play up your eyes with gold and purple shadow. I'm not a beauty expert at all but I know that would look great with this ensemble. We don't want you to drown in the vast sea of browns, creams, and golds. LOL!
Well Janelle, I hope one of the above looks will give you the direction you need to be ready for your friend's party. Good luck!


Unknown said…
The outfits are totally cute. Great blog, BTW.
Anonymous said…
I like the outfits. I can definitely see myself wearing the ruffled blouse and shorts. It looks fun!