The Next Tennis Phenom!


I have been thinking really hard about getting more involved in my community, increasing my social activities, and learning how to play sports like tennis and golf. Currently I'm working with a personal trainer who I have a love/hate relationship with but he's really great! However, I think I'm going to try to find out where I can go pick up some tennis lessons in the near future. Maybe I'll schedule them every Saturday morning for a couple of hours. Who knows, I may be an undiscovered talent. LOL!

Now you know when I start my lessons I have to look great, you case I suck really bad. That way everyone around me will be distracted by my style as opposed to my sucky technique. I plan to stay traditional but I'm going to take a few pointers from Serena Williams and step outside of the box.

She's so fun! The commentators went into epileptic shock (sorry - seizures)

Polo T-shirt:
Arm bands:
Tennis shoes:
Tennis racket:
Duffle bag:

You know I have to go on the court in typical diva style. No lycra suits for me. I'm sporting polos, tanks, and frilly skirts ONLY.