Gold Saturn

Hey Ladies and Gents,

I ran across a cool site yesterday that is pretty tight. is a site that features casual, comfortable and fashionable pieces that are retro and full of appeal without being over-the-top trendy. The collection of tees are soooo hot I just had to create a post about them. In his own words, David Jon Acosta, the designer, states "I just wanted to create a trippy, badass shirt that you would want to wear everyday." Gosh, does he know us well! I consider myself to be trippy and badass so I guess this collection is right up my alley. LOL! Let's take a look at some of my favorites below.
For the Girls:

Prescrition for Peace $38.00

I love this tee! Clearly, I'm a clinical pharmacist and it's such an oxymoron..gotta have it!

Make Clothes Not War Tunic $35.00

If people would just take a hold of this slogan and run with it....this world would be a much more fashionable place.

Peace Hand Abstraction $38.00

This reminds me of a retro print. Me likey!

For the Guys:

Mushrooms Not Missiles Tee $34.00

Astrology Map $38.00



Anonymous said…
I adore the Prescription for Peace t-shirt.
Anonymous said…
so do i. i love all of them- im gonna buy the one with mushrooms. super cute!