Weekend (+) Recap

Greetings divas,

Enjoyed myself on my little vacation. Although I did get sick the last two days, boo! Oh well, check out the pics below.

Went out to the movies to see Hancock. It was okay, storyline could have been better, however, Will Smith can do no wrong to me!

Maxi Dress: Gap

Cropped Hoodie: Macy's

Handbag: Forever 21

Bangles and ring: Forever 21
Necklace: Hot Topics
Earrings: Street Vendor
Sandals: Macy's

Had a great time at my family reunion, although it was in the country. I even went exploring in the woods to try to find my late grandfather's mother's home. I was determined to capture a piece of history on my camera and I was successful, although, so were the mosquitoes who attacked me. LOL!

Just call me Dora the Explorer (Jr.) - LOL! The umbrella is to fight off animals and to protect from rain.

Shirt and shorts: Gap
Sandals and Earrings: Forever 21

Bangles: Nordstroms

This was the trail my family used to take to and from my great-grandmother's home.

Attack of the largest mosquitoes known to man! Don't ask me why I went exploring in gladiator sandals.

Getting ready to attend the cook-out.

Blouse and shorts: Arden B

Belt: vintage

Earrings and Bangles: Street vendor

Sandals: Payless

Chillin at the cook-out!

Bag: Barney's New York