Hello divas,
I did a lot of shopping, a little bit of partying, and a lot of eating this weekend (I'm such a fatty). But hey, who cares? Okay, I do, that's why I hired a personal trainer. I can't wait to get started! But in the mean time, let me show you some pics of my fab, extended weekend.

Saturday evening, I went out with my best friend. I absolutely killed the shoe game. I'm so proud of my shoe selection. I almost didn't purchase them.

Dress: Forever 21
Shoes: Bebe
Earrings: Nordstroms

On closer inspection - really trying to step up my shoe game and purchase unique items.

Me and my gorgeous best friend.

I was tired so I just had to sit down.

Too hot to find any fashion divas to snap for you all. This is just a lazy photo.

Went shopping on Sunday as well, but this time I was looking for items for my new home. YEAH!!!

Dress: Shopped too much, I'll update later
Shoes: Saks Fifth Ave
Earrings: Afterthoughts
I'm truly blessed! TTFN!