Trend Hiatus


Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with all the trends and repetitious styling that's out there (i.e. scarves in the summer, gladiator sandals, floral prints, etc.). I mean, I contribute a small portion to that crowd via this blog, my personal style, and my consulting. However, sometimes I need a break from the mundane. That's when I usually hit up the vintage shops, I go thrifting, or I just raid my mom and grandmother's closets. Please don't sleep on the unique finds in the vintage and thrift shops. Remember, one fashion diva's trash is another diva's treasure. Take a look at some of my recent finds.
Vintage 80s Blue and White Belt with Nautical Knot
This belt is so hot! I want it like yesterday.

Christian Dior 2251 $157.00

Crescent-shaped Cheetah Print Necklace


The tribal print and bold piece will work well for Fall '08.

Diane von Furstenberg Python Suron Wrap Dress


I told you all that DVF's dresses are worth the money. This wrap dress is still very relevant.

1960s Leather Purse $65.00

Take a brief hiatus and shop vintage!