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Candice emailed me with the following request:

Hey Fashion Pad,

I just recently graduated with my business degree and am now preparing to transition into the business world with my new job! I was wondering if you could give me some ideas of what I should be wearing. I will primarily be working at a desk but I will have to travel or make a presentation from time to time. Thanks in advance for your help!

Foremost, I would like to congratulate you on two great milestones: graduation and a career, especially in this present economy. Now, I've decided to create some ensembles that I believe will steer you in the right direction. Take a look.

Sorry about the barrage of gray, white, and black but I believe this color combo is classic, sharp, and exudes professionalism. Please be sure to keep the length of skirts and dresses around knee level or longer. Accessories should be tasteful, small, and minimal.

Business Casual vs. Corporate Diva????????

You have to know when and where to wear a particular style of career clothing. When I'm working hard around the office going in and out of meetings and traveling, business casual attire is my go to. This style is both appropriate for the office and running around. However, when I'm meeting VIPs, making presentations, or attending a business luncheon/dinner, I'm decked out in my corporate outfit. It makes me feel well put together and it also demonstrates how serious you are about your profession.

Some of my favorite places to go for business casual and corporate diva clothing are as follows:

1. Banana Republic

2. BCBG Maxazria

3. Old Navy

4. Gap

5. Nordstroms

6. Sears

7. Dillards

8. JCPenney

9. Macys

10. New York and Company

Hope this helps. TTFN!