Gold Wire Chandeliers


Besides the fact that I adore Vanessa L. Williams, I posted this entire, well-put-together pic of her just so I can point out the fact that she's wearing the earrings I bought from Forever 21 last week. I mean, clearly, her earrings are definitely not from trend city but I don't care. I really dig long, huge, sparkly, chandelier, round, oval, square,.....okay, that's enough, you get the picture. And if you don't, I like fashion earrings (that means they're costume, i.e. fake jewelry).

Here is an image depicting a closer look at the same/similar earrings, currently out of stock, at Bebe

Wrapped Wire Chandelier Earrings


By the way, they're only $4.80 at Forever 21 if you don't mind the tainted look after a couple of wears. LOL!



Anonymous said…
Love the fit Vanessa's wearing. I want her entire outfit.