Revamped White Tops

I'm posting while on vacay so they'll be short and sweet for the next several days. I'll have tons of pics to upload when I return but in the meantime, let's get to what we do best....explore the world of fashion.

I have this secret obsession with white tops. I'm always purchasing them over and over again and you would think that my style is pretty varied but's not at all! I'm constantly searching for a unique silhouette or a beautiful fabric and often times, those two requests are never in my obtainable reach. Well, thank goodness the designers are finally sympathizing with me. The white top is getting revamped and I'm loving all the different styles that are appearing online and in the fashion forecast. Take a look at some of my favorites:

Amelia Tank $72.00

The material of this tank is soft and silky. It would look great tucked into the waist of some wide leg slacks or high-waist shorts with gladiator sandals.
Tadashi Twist Front Stretch Blouse
A simple and unique spin on a classic silhouette
Frenzii Twist Front Halter Top
This style is not that unique but I still included it because it presents yet another alternative to the plain white tee.
Vanessa Bruno Sleeveless Ruffle Top
This top, by far, is my favorite. It's super feminine but can easily be taken to an edgier look by pairing it with black and silver studded jewelry and as shown here, black pants.