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Hey chicas,

Check out the request I received from Shayla on Wednesday. Sorry Shayla for the delay but girl you know I couldn't tear myself away from my masseuse. LOL! Anyhew, here goes:

Hello Fashionpad,

My name's Shayla and I'm 5'11", slim, with long legs and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on wearing heels with mini dresses without looking sleazy. I'm having a hard time balancing the short hemline so I don't look like I'm naked from the waist down. HELP!!!!

Well Shayla, I must say I'm pretty envious of you with your slim figure and long legs. But I do understand where you're coming from. The advice I can give to you is to wear a dress that hits mid thigh. It's still considered a mini, but with your long legs, the longer length won't make you appear "naked" from the waist down. Another route you can take is to wear dresses that hit just below your fingertips, then kick up the height of the heel. It will look as if your hemline is shorter than what it actually is because your legs go on for miles. If you're still a little weary, wear a light jacket or cardigan with the mini to present a more conservative look. Check out the pics of Gwyneth Paltrow below from various red carpets as she promoted Iron Man at the beginning of the summer. She worked the mini and high heel look.

Pic Courtesy of Red Carpet Fashion Awards

Now, the cut of the mini dress to the far right is sexy and very tasteful. Below, I put together another ensemble similar to the conservative yet sexy look. Hope this helps!
Dress: left -
right -


Anonymous said…
Thanks mucho grande for the advice. I just love ya!