Reader Request


I had a reader by the name of Sonja email me a couple of days ago requesting some advice on how to wear these white jeans she purchased from Guess.

She states, "I'm a curvy girl and my hips are wider than my shoulders. I guess you could say I'm considered a pear shape. Could you recommend some ways I could wear these jeans without looking weird?"

Not a problem Sonja. However, you must keep in mind that a boot-cut leg flatters most body types, especially a pear shape. The slight flare helps to balance body proportions. I hope you enjoy these outfits I've put together for you! I've used a boot-cut jean I found online and a straight leg jean like the pair above as the centerpieces.

The great thing about the above outfits is that you can take a pair of white jeans from a daytime look to an evening look by choosing the right color palette for the items of clothing and accessories. The combination of bright colors work well for the day time with minimal jewelry and the opposite, dark, spring colors and shimmering jewelry prepares you for a night on the town.

For a fitted pair of white jeans, select a flowy blouse to complement. Neutrals, brights, and dark colors work well with white pants however, the key is to use pieces that pull in the entire look so the white pants aren't a beacon for the eye. Remember to wear nude underwear. Any other color, including black, will be seen by the naked eye.



Anonymous said…
Where do you find all of these wonderful cuff bracelets?