Feeling Florals

Hey chicas,

I've been following the Spring floral trend and now it seems as if it will extend in to the Fall season as well. I've been trying to incorporate the look into my wardrobe to give it a more modern and young feel, but, I admit, I haven't really been trying too hard. So to become inspired, I created two ensembles; one for the Summer and the other for the Fall. I don't know why I'm inspiring myself to shop...but oh well. Please see the pics below.

Jersey Dress: Vivre.com

Sandals: sandalworld.com

Handbag: net-a-porter.com

Bracelet: 80spurple.com

Earrings: gbyguess.com

Sunglasses: houseofsunglasses.com

I'm in love with earthy colors. Sorry if it gets a little repetitive now and then.

Cheesecloth Blouse: net-a-porter.com
Jeans: net-a-porter.com
Bracelet: bananarepublic.com
Platform heels: endless.com
Handbag: baghaus.com
Earrings: charlotterusse.com