Embossed Leather Bag

Ohhhh lookey! I think I've found my next big purchase. I own about 4 purses by Furla and I tell you no lie....they are awesome! Every time I wear one, I get several compliments. Not that I'm fishing, but it's great to have the affirmation. The main reason I love them is that the leather is soft but sturdy so it bends easily without creasing the fabric. Honestly, I swear by them and furthermore, they don't have their monogram plastered all over their purses. Tres chic!

Embossed Leather Bag, Furla

$625.00 http://www.furlausa.com/

If you don't have the cash to dish out for this beauty but you would like something similar, check out this handbag below.

Miquelrius Agatha Ruiz Embossed

Floral Small Satchel $114.00 http://www.ebags.com/