Cover it Up!

I get just as excited looking for cover-ups as I do swimsuits when I'm out shopping. I prefer tunics because they just look chic and cool. I also like sarongs as well but it's hard to find them in the stores. My last cover-up was made of terry cloth and while cute, I looked just like everyone else at the beach. I'm going back to my tunics this Summer.

Trina Turk Cover-Up
This tunic is H-O-T! I love the print and style, of course.

Split-sleeve cover-up tunic
I like this tunic due to it's sleeves. A very sexy take on the cover-up. What else would you expect from Victoria's Secret?

Chelsea Cover-up Dress by Malia Mills
Rayon Jersey Cover-Up
This cover-up would work great if you and the girls or your guy want to stop and grab a bite to eat after being at the beach or poolside.
Embroidered Georgette Caftan
I can definitely see myself wearing this on a boat, wait, not just any boat, a yacht!
Hope you've enjoyed!


Anonymous said…
The tunic from Victoria's Secret is hot and affordable.