Beach Totes

The tote is just as essential as the swimsuit and the cover-up. You need it to carry your towel, slides, sunscreen, shades, romantic novel (admit's a necessity), etc. The beach tote should be sturdy, large enough to carry all your articles, and cute!

Straw Tote $50.00

Straw totes, literally the rare moment that they enter into the fashion world with eager anticipation.

Soubique Extra Large Bag


Polka Dot Tote $39.50

Patent Beach Bag $78.00

Toss Designs Resort Beach Bag


This bag can hold your things and everybody else's. LOL!

Nautical Tote Bag $14.90

I would take this tote with me on a yacht as well. No real reason except for the nautical look of the tote.

Enjoy! TTFN!