Weekend Recap

Man I didn't find the tube dress I was looking for in Old Navy on Saturday (see post below). It's my fault because I was supposed to go looking after I bought all of my Mother's Day gifts. A little divine intervention I'm sure. Oh well, I found these cute little sandals at Forever 21 so I scooped them up after I purchased my gifts; a sort of reward for staying focused.

Boomer Sandal $18.80

Yesterday, I went to church with my family and then we attended a casual Mother's Day luncheon at the local recreational center where we were serenaded by our town's marching community band. The food was free and as you can see, I enjoyed it.

This was after the event ended but I took a couple of pieces with me. I'm such a fatty.

Shirt: Macy's

Earrings: Street Vendor



Anonymous said…
Your earrings are hot! The colors are so bright.