Trimmed with Fringe

Urban Outfitters has my two of my short-lived obsessions right now: a fringed purse and fringed sandals. I really adore this fad. It's so bohemian chic and at least a third of my sandals and purses are bohemian styles. I have to purchase these. But I'm actually leaning more towards the hobo only because I just bought two pairs of sandals last weekend. I probably won't be able to get in to Urban Outfitters until Friday to check out the purse. But it's new, so I'm certain it'll still be in stock. Let's all cross our fingers!

Suede Fringe Hobo


Suede Fringe T Strap Sandal



Anonymous said…
Nice design..! I like those T strap sandals most . Those are looking much comfortable and stylish.
Anonymous said…
These fringe T strap sandal is looking trendy and rocking.