Summer Minis

Okay, so I've established another way to justify my dress lust this summer. I'm purchasing some minis for those really hot and humid days where you want as little on as possible without getting a ticket for indecent exposure. LOL! Well, if not for those occasions, then just because they are so cute and gives us all a chance to get some color back on our legs that we've had hidden all winter long.

For my bootylicious girls, try to go for styles that lay over your derriere, that way your mini won't look skanky. Believe me, there's a fine line you do NOT want to cross. For my boy-shaped females, go with the jersey material. Not only is it cool, it also gives the illusion of a curvier figure. Everybody else in between.....Just do you! If you need advice I'm always available. Check out some picks below.

Marc Jacobs Star Blossom Dress

Women's Printed Halter Dress

Alice & Olivia Floral Poof Mini Dress

Black Halo Pan-Am Mini Dress

Drape Top Jersey Dress

Hale Bob Floral Silk Jersey Dress

Rihanna Dress
Happy Shopping!


Anonymous said…
I need that Hale Bob dress in my wardrobe NOW!
Anonymous said…
So, was this supposed to narrow down the search? I want all of these dresses...that's ridiculous, but I like every one of them.