Purple Lace Up Boots

These are some very interesting boots by Giuseppi Zanotti that Rhianna is wearing. I must say, she is ROCKING them. Geesh, I guess New York hasn't experienced the warm temps we have down here in Florida yet. Don't worry ladies, warm weather is right around the corner.

I love her entire look. You know I love the unusual combination of colors. It's so.....Look-at-me-I'm-stylish, with an I don't care what you think attitude. I'm sorry but I'm not going to search for a more affordable find unless someone requests. My focus is on my favorite dress seasons.....Spring/Summer! But on the real, her jacket is off the chain as well. Now I did see value in searching for something similar. Spring evenings are cool. and of course, bold colors are in this season. Check out this option from CutesyGir.com

Golders Balloon Sleeve Large Collared Jacket

$30.99 www.cutesygirl.com