Long Dresses

Once again I am highlighting Eve's style. She has been killing it in the dress department and I'm a sucker for a hot dress. Whether long, short, demure, or sexy, I take notice of a bangin' dress. Here, Eve wears an all black floor-length style. I'm not sure who designed it. The dress is a little daring with its deep, v-neck design. I love it! The clutch and gold jewelry provide a nice contrast with the black. Quite honestly, it's getting a little too hot right now to wear a dress with long, fitted sleeves so I've scouted an alternative to wear for Florida's hot summer nights.

This dress has the length and the easy movement however, it is sleeveless and does not have a tapered waist. Hey, I didn't say I was looking for the exact replica of Eve's dress. Check out the back of the dress as well, it's a cute touch.

Michelle Jonas Long Jersey Keyhole Dress $235.00 http://www.pinkmascara.com/

This clutch will go nicely with this dress as well. I want to accessorize with a bright, bold color.

Jessica Simpson Pacha Clutch $68.00 http://www.macys.com/