Just a Stone's Throw Away

Here's the thing...you all know I have confessed my love for accessories, especially jewelry, because I believe they can help create the theme of an outfit. Big bold jewelry = trendy chica, designer baubles = glam chica, delicate long chains/bracelets = laid back or classy chica, etc. Well, what about jewelry that doesn't quite fall into the aforementioned categories?

The answer's simple, you just create another category and incorporate it into your arsenal. For example, I really like stone pieces. They're a little bohemian chic mixed with exotic/ethnic influences. I predict they'll be the next big trend. They're already appearing in the retailers and in the designer collections. I'm going to name my category for stones...natural chica. I think it represents well. Take a look.

Large Ivory Pebble Cuff Bracelet

$225.00 www.chickdowntown.com

Chloe Large Stone Necklace

$625.00 www.net-a-porter.com

I love the unique design of this necklace. I don't love the price but it is a lovely piece.

Rohan Stone Necklace $17.00 www.lulus.com

Stone Hammered Hoop Earrings $24.00 www.ardenb.com

I am really feeling these earrings, which is unusual considering that my jewelry boxes contain large chandelier, dangly, hoops, etc (basically anything huge). Nice change.

Agate Necklace with Charm

$38.00 www.urbanoutfitters.com

This by far is my favorite. I think it's the color as well as the agate stone. It cut is so natural-looking. I love it!



Anonymous said…
beautiful trend, great picks. i have a necklace that looks exactly like the one from urban...except i got it at banana, and it doesn't have the agate...interesting.