What to Wear to a Wedding

So wedding season is in full effect now. I've already been to 2 since March. Some of the guests were dressed quite tastefully and others....well.......let's just make this clear, IT'S NOT THE CLUB SCENE. Whew, sorry, I had to go there. I understand that some ladies are not really taught how to dress for certain events so..... it's the FashionPad to the rescue. Let's review the attire for certain events:

1. Beach side wedding

Silk Tube Maxi Dress
$168.00 http://www.ardenb.com/

2. Garden Romance

Floral Strapless Gown by Nanette Lepore
$325.00 http://www.edressme.com/

3. Traditional/Church

Maggy London Silk Chiffon Halter Dress

4. Country Club

Pleated-collar blouse and Palazzo Pants

5. Black Tie Event (evening wedding)

Empire-waist lace dress
I hope these examples help you all out. TTFN!


Anonymous said…
Ohhh! I love the floral print dress by Nanette Lepore. I am salivating right now. Got-to-get-to-Neiman Marcus-now! LOL!
Anonymous said…
Your break down of what to wear in each distinct wedding setting is great! Thanks.