Hand Stenciled Cotton Jumper

My casual days are just as important to me as my "full diva" days when it comes to fashion. So I like to look feminine and/or sexy at all times. Take this cotton jumper for instance. It is super casual with its sweatshirt style pockets, however, the v-neck and short banded style hem is quite feminine. I want it. Although I'm not really feeling the stencil on the bottom. I'll have to think about it some more.

Hand Stenciled Cotton Jumper


Anonymous said…
I am looking for a casual dress like this - but a little more affordable. Any thoughts, ideas? I need to find something for the weekend. I'm also looking for a cute casual shirt to wear out (not to the club), as well as a grown and sexy dress in case I want to step it up at the club. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.