Giuseppe Zanotti Cutout Wedge Heels

I still fall automatically in love with a cool heel. I think it's the fact that it lends the shoe a bit of sass and is definitely unexpected. As a result, you're almost placed into a trance when looking at the design of the heel. For me, next to Christian Louboutin, Giuseppe Zanotti designs awesome shoes for women. It's like they believe the shoe represents much more than just the accessory to an IS the outfit. And hey, as long as they keep this mindset while creating the spectacular designs they make, I'll keep writing about them, purchasing them, and coveting their creations. Check out this pair by Zanotti that I am currently in love with.

Giuseppe Zanotti Cream Wedge Sandal

It looks as if the sole of the shoe is suspended in air. Just think of the way they can "extend" the length of your legs in a skirt, dress, or shorts. I love it!

However, if you don't have the equivalent of apartment rent just laying around for an expense such as this, try this less expensive alternative. They still give you the leg lengthening "extension" with the wooden wedge heel. In addition, the buckle detail is quite similar as well as the color combo. And did I mention it is a bargain. Right.

Braxton $59.95



Anonymous said…
The designer shoes are H-O-T!!!!
I saw them recently on Jordin Sparks and I was curious as to who designed them. Thanks!