Colorful Heels

I am looking for some stiletto pumps or peep-toe heels for an event that I'm hosting Friday. I know I want to wear a monochromatic look (i.e. all black), then make the outfit pop with a bright pair of heels. Solange Knowles beat me to the punch with the look she wore last week to the Beyonce and Jay-Z "wedding" festivities. Her ensemble is edgy and definitely not trendy. The shoes provide a good finishing touch.

Solange really knows how to set herself apart. She may not always be on point but you are going to be checking for her when she steps on the scene. Those shoes are FIRE!

Atlantic City Pumps

I'm really feeling these hidden platform pumps. I used to be afraid to pair black with orange b/c it reminded me of Halloween but I'm so glad I'm beyond that stage.

Shimomura Patent Heels

Look at the rich color, texture, and heel on this shoe. I think I'm in love!



Anonymous said…
Nice heels! The price is right.