Spring Skirt

Although I'm an avid fan of the dress, because it's so feminine and easy (it's an entire outfit), I also like the versatility of the skirt. The skirt and I have a love-hate relationship. If it is too short, I look like..well...you can imagine. If it's too long, I look twice my age. I have a small waist, ample hips and derriere. It's tough to out fit my shape. The pencil skirt was one of my greatest challenges to overcome. However, I did find a great mesh with Old Navy/Gap. The cut is wider in the hip area with their skirts so I don't look as if I stuffed two shoulder pads down the side of my skirt. But the type of skirt that I love is the voluminous style. It's forgiving to the hips and posterior (or bottom heavy shapes). I suggest a belt be worn to define the waist and give you a more coke bottle appearance. It's so sexy, but in a classy way. I'm thinking of purchasing this skirt here from Kohls. I'm not really in to prints, but the patterns on this skirt is done tastefully.

apt. 9 Leaf & Flowers Yoked Skirt

$22.99 (on sale) www.kohls.com