Project Runway Favorites

I must confess, I usually only watch the season finale of Project Runway every season. Unless there is a really interesting challenge, I'm just not that intrigued. The concept of the show is brilliant. However, I believe that fashion is art and art is subjective to its viewer. So there are times when I love what the designer has created and I get their vision but the judges trash the work. It can be real frustrating to watch and I can only imagine how the designer feels. With that being said, let's discuss my personal favorites of the show. I decided to choose only 2 designs from each finalist.

First up is Rami, the king of elegant draping.

The draping and woven detail on this blouse is beautiful. My only gripe....why didn't he choose a better color to highlight the detail.

If I had the opportunity to attend a grand ball. I would rock this elegant dress hands down. The shape is so pretty, is screams classy yet sexy.

Second up is the winner of Project Runway Season 4, the one, the only, king (queen) of fierceness, Christian

What this kid created with feathers is insane. I mean....what can I say? The picture alone speaks volumes.

The cut of this jacket is brilliant. The scarf around the neck gives it a couture feel. Just bananas!

Last up is Jillian. She is one of the most indecisive contestants on the show ever and it amazes me how she always had problems with time management. But you have to give it to her, she never disappointed.

I love this entire ensemble. From the tilted fedora, elegant hood, gorgeous coat, to the excellent shoe choice.

Initially, I thought this was a dress. Then I realized the bottom was pants. Just lovely!

I personally believe Jillian should at least have been in the last 2, not Rami, but this was a hard decision because each finalist brought the fierceness. I did not envy the judges this season.