Presently Yours

I have been noticing a lot of items that feature a bow as a focal point for its design. It appears to be one of the hundred trends for Spring. Bows are obviously very feminine. If bow details are your fancy, here are a couple low end and high end pieces for you.

I love the pattern of the bow detail on this blouse. It's really feminine and draws the attention to the smallest part of a woman's figure...the waist. $78.00

The chain strap on this purse is detachable and easily converted to a cute clutch.

I really like this dress. It works for the Winter/Spring transition. The color's also great for the change in season. This bow neck dress is by Madison Marcus, $280.00

The bow detail on these pumps is cute, and thankfully not overbearing.
Tribeca Be Nice Pump, $59.00