Prada Fairy Bags

Okay ladies....I am about to get in some serious trouble with my husband. I need this Prada handbag in my possession like right now. I absolutely love the design of this bag. It appears as if the fairies were painted directly on the purse. Brilliant artwork! The purse is made of deerskin leather. Unfortunately for me, there is a waiting list 20 miles long! The pre-orders from Neiman Marcus are no longer available and the handbags do not arrive until summer. The sales associate at Neiman Marcus said that they will try to restock quickly once the pre-orders are filled. I hope I don't miss this opportunity to carry a work of art on my shoulder. It is quite expensive, but in my eyes, worth the pesos.

Large Prada Fairy Bag - $2490.00

Small Prada Fairy Bag - $2290.00

Um....I believe I'm just going to take the cost effective route and purchase the large bag as opposed to the small bag. Not a significant monetary difference.


WendyB said…
I have the big bag and I am in love with it! I just happened to wander into Prada one day and saw it on the counter so I gave them my credit card # for when it came in. I hadn't noticed the ads or was just love at first sight.