Dip-dyed ombre is all over the place as a new trend for Spring '08. However, ombre dip dyeing is an old technique which creates a graduated color effect. It can be very bold or subtle but I wasn't really interested in the look because I thought it was too reminiscent of the '80s trend of tie-dyeing (Eek!). However, if you choose the right fabrics such as chiffon as opposed to cotton, it can present a very chic appearance. I first noticed its allure on Thandie Newton. She is wearing an ombre dress by Matthew Williamson.
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Cute! I think she looks great. Take a look at what our retailers have to offer.
Dip-Dyed Cotton Voile V-Neck Tank $48.00 (on sale)
I would so wear this "tank" as a dress. It looks great for Spring.

Bronze Ombre Hidden Platform Pumps $49.90

Laundry by Design Ombre Dress $285.00

The color combination on this dress is unexpected yet very pleasant.

Matty M Twisted-Neckline Top $89.00

The silk fabric makes this ombre top look very elegant.