Just Dreaming

Today is just one of those days that I want to just throw on some hi-top Vans, skinnies, and a graphic tee. But wait....let me zap myself back in to reality. I have to go to work. I rarely have the opportunity to be laid back during the week because my career requires professional attire at all times. So basically, I would have to be on my PTO. I SOOOO dislike being a grown-up sometimes. Especially when I have to make that decision to wait to purchase that Tracy Reese dress I want because I have real responsibilities besides satisfying myself. Well I digress, I'll just imagine that I have these lovely articles on instead of my slacks, pumps, and blouse.

Hi-Top Vans $28.75 http://www.6pm.com/

I currently have a similar pair to these hi-tops. They make everything look so skateboard chic.

Konichiwa Tee $28.00 http://www.urbn.com/
In Japanese, Konichiwa is a greeting, like "Hello, how are you?"

Patience 5 Pocket Tapered Jean $185.00 http://www.couturecandy.com/
I can imagine these tucked inside my Vans. Not bad, not bad at all...