Gold Peep Toe Pumps

I have been looking for a gold peep toe pump for a while now. I really like the effect gold pumps give an outfit....I'm sorry, the right outfit is the key, not just any outfit. My husband bought me this green dress from Saks and it is going to look great for a night out on the town as soon as I acquire these metallic gold pumps from They will have to do for now because I want the pumps like.. yesterday. They're on sale for only $18.99 (original price - $49.99). Even if I caught them at the original I wouldn't have been mad at all. I'll post a picture of the dress later on. TTFN!


i would set it on what i put up top and maybe you can experiment with the pod setting. eden gold
i bet youcould get some decent mileage, if a person took some time with it.