Fedora Ensemble

Here is the ensemble I came up with to go with my fedora. All the items are in my closet except for the platform sandals. I purchased my Hudson jeans from Off Saks Fifth Ave. for only $99 (just a side note in case you don't want to pay $200 for a pair of jeans). However, I do recommend investing in at least 4-5 pairs of good quality jeans. You will love the difference.
Star Ling Bangle Wedge Sandal
I really would like to purchase this sandal but I'm trying not to make any impulse buys. Hopefully this is something that I can train my mind to accept. On a positive note, I do own some black platforms that will give me the height I need to wear my wide legs without tripping on the hem. I'm only 5'2".

Deluxe Wide Leg Hudson Jeans

These jeans are super comfy. As long as you wash with very dark clothing, the color is retained fairly well. I've washed mine at least 15 times.

The Revolution T-Shirt
I loved the bold picture on this shirt. I get a lot of compliments every time I wear it.

Nubby Fedora

I can't wait to work this look. If my camera is cooperating with me by Saturday, I will take pictures. However, I really believe I'm going to need to purchase a new one. TTFN!