Color Block

Hey I want to highlight this color block design that was prominent on the runway shows and has now trickled down into the retail stores. The good news about this trend is that all body types can wear it. Hurah! My advice, whatever your "problem" areas allow the dark colors of your item to minimize them by playing up your more balanced areas.
Color Blocked One-Shoulder Top
This elegant top will help to diffuse an ample bust.
Elle Color Block Knit Tunic
If you have broad shoulders this tunic will take the focus away and highlight your waist area.
Kool Hearts Color Blocked Charmeuse Dress
The price point on this dress is fabulous! The dark colors also make it easy to hide
problem areas.
Tevrow + Chase Color Blocked Dress

Vernice Retro Pumps


These pumps are for the diva who isn't completely sold with the color block apparel but is interested enough to try the look with an accessory item.


Anonymous said…
Is that dress really $10.80? Please give me the URL