Casual Car Shopping Day

Oh goody! My camera started to work again for 1 frame (I'm so getting a new one pronto). So I took a pic of myself on my way to the dealership yesterday afternoon. I'm car shopping and house shopping. The house shopping is what I want to do and the car shopping is what I have to do. LOL! Nevertheless, it was a fun day. I kept it real casual with a tee, fitted jeans, and open-toe flats (which you can't see..sorry!). I also grabbed a black scarf to wrap around my shoulders because it is still a little cool down here.

T-Shirt : Urban Outfitters

Jeans : Nordstroms

Bangles and Earrings : Forever21

Ring : Macys

Handbag : Cole Haan

Shoes (not seen) : Steve Madden

Have a great day!


Anonymous said…
House and car hunting is really fun, but only when you are ready to buy. A>W>