Art Show

Last night I attended an art and fashion show in downtown Orlando. The hotel that it was held at was amazing in both decor and service. The artwork was lovely but I couldn't get to all the pieces because it was soooo packed. My husband was sick so we left before the show got started. I'm not mad because between the smoke and the excessive amount of people I probably would not have been able to see or enjoy the show. However, I did get to take a couple of pics.
The artwork was amazing. The artist infused an oil painting technique with acrylic. Just bananas!
You would think an art/fashion show would have some fly divas. But I couldn't find any. But then again, it was super packed and I stayed at the edge of the crowd.

I hear they will be having more of these events. This one didn't open their doors until 10pm. We left around 11:30pm so I assume the fashion show began at 12am. We'll be ready next time.