Wearing Bright Colors

Wearing bright neon colors can be very difficult to pull off. I don't care if your body is in great shape or if you're attractive, if your complete look consists of bright colors you will look like the neon signs on the Vegas strip. I'm sorry, but that's my personal opinion. You need balance. To provide an example of what I'm saying, please see the picture of Victoria Beckham below (curtesy of JustJared).

She's a beautiful lady, who needs to eat a porkchop sandwich, but this outfit has an invisible sign on it that says, " instant headache if you lay your eyes on me". I like the style of the dress and the shoes, but together it's just a little too much. On the bright side........ no pun intended, she wore minimal acessories.

Now a bright dress can be worn well and not
just during the daylight hours. Take a look at the style of R&B singer Cassie.
I love the way she paired her neon yellow dress with black stilleto
pumps. It looks sexy and transforms a bright look into an evening attire. Cudos!

To accomplish a casual daytime style with the color trend take a look at the pieces I have put together below. Makes for a nice stoll at the mall.

In conclusion, to utilize color to make an outfit pop, ACCESSORIZE! A beutiful piece of jewelry, a nice pair of pumps, a blelt, or scarf will do. I used a handbag in the example below.
Smart Croc Tote


Anonymous said…
I love me some green. That bag has the same material as my green clutch. LOVE IT!