Dilemma Solved

Okay, so I've decided to stick with a less pricey dress for now. However, I do promise to work on this fixation I have with wearing something new every time I attend an event or go out somewhere. I like to think that I have style so I'm sure I can wear the items in my closet in a variety of ways without anyone noticing......or truly caring. So I left work a little early today to hit up the mall to find what I'm looking for. Well yippie for me, I found two great options. I currently have them on hold until Saturday. How was I able to have them held so long you ask? Well I'm a frequent shopper, and most of the retailers recognize me and I've established a relationship with some so they call me when there's a sale and immediately tuck my size away. So sad! Anyhew check out the final two below. Only one can become my next top item. LOL!

I really like the above dress from Forever21. The color is really nice and I can envision it for Spring. However, the touches of black help to winterize the dress and make it appropriate for an evening event. The dress has an A-line cut but the sash adds a little more definition to the waist. The back is great and at $22.80, it's practically a steal!

To the Max Shirred Tube Dress
$50.65 www.dillards.com

This dress is so cute and simple. I could really incorporate some of the bold accessories that the Spring season has to offer to make this look pop for a night outing. And like the dress from Forever21, the price is right! I'm going to take a look in my closet and jewelry box and see which option I can really represent well.


Elle said…
Hey buttercup! Thanks for stopping by! Loving the blog. And I looove the purple...the neck detail is beautiful.
Anonymous said…
If you are going to do it, I say SHORT AND RED, with a SERIOUS heel!!! Get it girl!!!!!