Bold Accessories for Spring

Put away the thin bangles, skinny belts, and dainty earrings. Spring’s accessories are making a bold statement in 2008. Go big with corset belts, metallic cuffs, piles of necklaces, and vibrantly designed earrings. I always advise my friends to look in the mirror prior to going out and take off one piece of jewelry. With this trend, you’re only using one piece of jewelry, or other accessory, to make your ensemble pop. Just make sure the item you choose allows your outfit to still take center stage while adding a stylish touch. The World Wide Web has plenty of items to display. Check them out.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Round Face Watch

This is a very bold watch. It has a large face but the design is still feminine. I tried on the watch at Neiman Marcus and it is an item that I am lusting over right now.

Stained Glass Leaflet Earrings

MetalCraft Cuff

This cuff is so chic. It has a very modern design with cutouts for a punk rock edge.

Silver Bubble Ring

Talk about bold. Who could miss this lovely bubble on your finger. It's sculpted style is tres bien.

Leather Corset Belt

Definitely a statement piece. If you have a short torso like myself, pair the belt with a dress to give the illusion of a long torso. Pairing it with a shirt and bottom will just make you look stumpy. Believe me, I know!

Circle Art Necklace

The image is a little fuzzy on the above necklace but please go to the site to see it clearly. It's quite lovely.


renĂ©esturme. said…
The bubble ring's cute. Though I'd rather have it in gold. Silver is just not my thing.