Outfit: Just Test Driving...

Greetings Fashion Mavens,

How was your Labor Day? I had a FABULOUS time....mainly sitting on my behind, LOL. I did go pick up a plate of BBQ from a friend and later in the evening, I attended a fashion show so of course that was another highlight of my day ;-) Picks will be coming soon after I edit them. But first, I wanted to share my first outing in these Betsey Johnson satin wedges I premiered on this blog here . That was a while ago and I'm just now wearing them. Oh well, I feel as if I have nothing to wear the majority of the time which is why I forget I DO have items I haven't unwrapped from their perspective packages. All it takes is a little recon....so sad.


Disclaimer....these photos are going to be horrible. My camera guy couldn't "get" that you have to show the details of the featured item. He has since been fired....professionally and personally if you get my drift. On to the next ;-)


Went to go grab a quick bite to eat after work. I was determined to wear these wedges. It's not like they're hard to pair with items in my wardrobe, I just seem to "overlook" them quite often.


They're okay to walk in. In my opinion, they're a bit stiff...but I received so many compliments I'll just have to accept them as is, LOL.

Feather earrings: Boutique in Miami (can't remember name)
White tank - H&M
Outer tank - Zara
Bracelets - Nordstrom
Shorts - Forever 21
Wedge heels - Betsey Johnson



Unknown said…
Those heels are really gorgeous!!
I love them! They are very cute!
Fashion Pad said…
@Rose From Rosedale.....girrlllll....it was definitely a lot more going on that got him fired personally, LOL. Oh well. I know God has a blessing for me. He's a provider for sure ;-)
Jennifer said…
Love the wedges! Those shorts look mad comfortable too.
KC said…
So....you can "overlook" those wedges my way! I WANT THEM!!! Lol! Seriously, very casual chic.
Buy Tera Gold said…
wow ,those shoes are so cool,i like all.