Outfit: All Black Everything

Greetings Fashion Friends,

Hey Hump Day! What took your behind so long to get here? You and Friday bout to get on my nerves. Anyhew, now that you're here, I can start to wipe the scowl off my face at work and finally allow my coworkers to approach me, lol.

I want to share a look with you all that I wore to a friend's open mic show. I feel like a veteran at these events since my babe is a poet. It was an anniversary show so the attire was all black. Thank goodness because I was sick of all the 'all white' themed parties.

I had been waiting to wear this skirt somewhere. I just purchased it and you know how it is folks......if you don't wear it soon, it gets buried beneath your other items. Or is that just me? LOL!

I added good ole Wang for a nice touch......

Necklace - Forever 21
Tank - Express
Skirt - Misguided.com
Cuff/Rings - Gifted
Handbag - Alexander Wang 'Rocco'
Heels - Zara



LOL! 'You and Friday about to get on my nerves'.. girl you have so much sass, I love it. This black dress fits you LIKE A GLOVE! You look absolutely sexy, those Zumba classes are paying off :P

Law_Fal said…
Very cute! I love all of your outfits!
Unknown said…
Love the outfit, you look fab!
Gotta love the LBD!!! I really wanted those Zara heels! Great outfit!
Unknown said…
I have to love the all Black look. It is one of my favorites. You look amazing and I am in love with that bag!
Life's a shoe said…
such a sexy dress, love it! you look great!
Candyce Nicole said…
Super sexy!! I love this!
YoyosFashions said…
Hot girly!! Great look!! Perfect fit!!
KC said…
Two things:
1. Your opening lines... You need to coin, copyright, and do whatever else to those words! And then have them mass-produced on posters, because I would surely hang this up next to my desk!
2. I love how you have affectionately named your purse. The real Wang should be smiling wherever he is right now. ;)

Keep bringing the fierceness!
SandS said…
Loving the new blog look!!!!